Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thank you for all your input and suggestions

Please be sure to read the comments left by others there is really some good advice.

So far I am doing great with my "diet' and exercise. I have not had any red meat and have really increased my fresh veggies and fruit. I am back to my Pilates and yoga and already feel much better. Last night at my daughter's graduation party I didn't even have a piece of cake. That is a miracle

Traditional medicine is not always the answer. At least back when I was in the medical field, MDs would get little bonuses from the drug companies for writing certain prescriptions, giving away samples, etc. This encouraged doctors to give patients medications when they may not necessarily need them.

As for the medication given to me for my cholesterol, I have not fully researched it, but I don't think that it has been on the market very long. When I do take medications I want tried and true meds, those that have been around for a few years, the ones that we know if they are going to cause horrible side effects or not.

It has come out that taking Paxil when you are pregnant can cause problems in the baby. This should not take the FDA or a rocket scientist to know.... you don't take drugs of any type while you are pregnant. If your depression is so bad that you need meds, then maybe now is not the time to get pregnant. Get your depression under control and then have a baby.

I am convinced that the increase of ADD and ADHD in children is caused by the mother's exposure to medication, chemicals in the home and environment and chemical laden foods including processed foods.

Please keep the comments coming. I read each and every one of them.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Doctor's And Their Medication

The update on my visit to the MD concerning all of my lab work trying to figure out what is wrong with my immune system.....

First; they had done a lipid profile and my cholesterol was up some as well as the rest of the numbers. BAM... she hits me with "you need to take medication to lower your cholesterol." Wait a minute! Why can't I try altering my diet and doing just a little exercise? My husband was able to lower his cholesterol numbers by simply taking his lunch to work instead of eating out and he has stayed with his exercise routine.

With all of the stress of this past year my diet has been horrible and I gave my pilates ball to my best friend and have not blown up my new one. She was insistent that I go on the medication but, with me being me, I am going the diet and exercise route for the next month and see if it makes any difference in the lipid profile numbers. If it doesn't, then I will take the medication.

As for the immune system issue; the MD she referred me to for this is an "allergist and immunologist." Most of my blood levels were within normal limits and the few that were not were, in his words "close enough to normal to be considered normal." I don't know why that didn't apply to the lipid panel. His solution, sit down for this one.... take an allergy pill everyday.

I just about fell off of my chair. 5 years on IV antibiotics because of hospital acquired MRSA, I catch every bug, every cut becomes a major staph infection and an allergy pill everyday is going to make everything ok. I told him that essentially the doctor's created this MRSA problem so why aren't they working diligently on curing all of the complications that go along with having it such as long term IV antibiotic therapy and the immune system. Of course he had no response to that.

I am going to check around for some clinical trials and also seek homeopathic help with this. I am just so frustrated with the whole mess that I could spit bullets.