Monday, April 24, 2006

Pain in the Neck Doctors

One of my truisms is trust your doctor and believe in the treatment you are getting. As a chronic pain patient this includes calling in refills in a timely manner... not 5 days later.

I have been fortunate to be with the same group of doctor's for 15 years, this pain management doc. only a few months. I fired my previous pain management doctor because of some questionable office practices and billing procedures and asked my PCP to take over the filling of my pain meds, she agreed but then this guy joined the group and she asked me to see him... which I did.

Here we are 6 months later and the level of trust is not there so I am once again going to see if my PCP will fill the scripts and if not I will change groups all together.

A month ago I made my month med refill appointment... which is tomorrow, but they don't have it on the books. So when I called on Thursday for a refill they did not refill my script because I had not made a follow-up appt. Why didn't they call me and ask?!?! Instead they let me go most of the weekend without pain meds.

This is not the first time this has happened and it won't be the last so it is time to make a change, I do have options. This is not quality health care, not that we really get that anymore here in the U.S..... unless you demand it from your provider, which I do.

Just don't forget that we do have rights. Write your insurance company and the providing doctor with your displeasure. We may be in pain but we aren't idiots.