Wednesday, July 19, 2006


In today's toxic society everyone needs to take Milk Thistle.

Milk Thistle heals the liver. The liver can regenerate itself and Milk Thistle helps it do just that. To read my personal introduction to Milk Thistle read the post before this one. Since I started taking it I have introduced a number of people to it with astounding results.

  • My Daddy had chemical induced hepatitis (he is a petroleum chemical engineer) and his liver has always given him problems. He has been on Milk Thistle as long as I have and has perfect liver enzymes even though he is on a cholestrol lowering med. that is hard on the liver.
  • The son of a life-time friend of ours was in the hospital in the final stages of cirossis of the liver from alcohol abuse (they gave him 2 weeks to live). My mom told his mom about the amazing Milk Thistle and she started smuggling it into the hospital and giving it to him, 4 a day. 3 weeks later he was released from the hospital, he is remarried, sober, healthy and very happy. The doctor's were amazed at his recovery and I don't think that Auntie T. ever told them what she had been giving him.
  • I know 3 people who were in liver failure but within a month of starting Milk Thistle their livers were healing and they were getting well.
  • I have several other stories but I think that you see what is happening here.... this little herb is what I call a miracle drug without the pharmacutical label and price tag.

European countries have studied Milk Thistle but the personal stories I know of are what amaze me. What baffles me is that Doctor's don't tell patient's about it. Milk Thistle can't hurt you and it doesn't interact with any medications that I know of, I have talked to several pharmacist's about it and they have looked it up.

Your liver is like the air conditioning filter for the body, it filters out all the gunk that we put into ourselves. If you drink, you need to take Milk Thistle, if you are on medication.... you need Milk Thistle. It will keep your liver functioning the way it needs to be effective and healthy.

I started off on 4 a day and tapered down from there as I started feeling better, I now take 1 a day. I purchase mine from they often have buy 1 get 1 free sales.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to take the place of an MD or DO. This is just my personal experience and that of many people I know. I also know that this information is not common knowledge and that in itself is a shame. Step outside the box, herbs have been around for centuries, talk to a knowledgable person or do your own research before taking anything. Big medicine is not always the answer. Take control of your health and your healthcare.